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Thursday, Apr. 15, 2004

A few of my favorite things…


  1. sitting down and not seeing anything arch it’s way over my waistband
  2. loose tank tops due to exess breastess flab which has packed up and left without notice
  3. shoes that no longer pinch my feet
  4. jeans that can now easily be buttoned without laying down or squirming
  5. headaches no longer visiting mid-afternoon daily
  6. no more sugar coated aching teeth
  7. t-backs no longer leaving indentations on hipbones
  8. no more morning joint pain
  9. no more “I can’t do this” attitude about healthy eating


and drum roll please……


  1. I now own a book titled “Smart Girls Do Dumbbells” and it’s not about my man problems! :-)



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