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Sunday, Dec. 14, 2003

It certainly makes you stop and think. I can safely say the nicest gift I ever got was the gift of friendship. I can honestly say that the best flower I was ever given couldn't even be smelled. The most beautiful thing in my life I've ever received didn't come wrapped up...no bow...no pretty paper, but he's still perfection in my eyes. The other best gifts in no particular order....

1. a poetry forum where i learned about life more than about meter.

2. a boy to give a bicycle to right when I most wanted to.

3. a little dog with a big huge heart

My Aunt always signs her Christmas cards "Remember the reason for the season." Every year without fail. But she still buy's probably too many gifts.

I would tell you what I bought for Christmas. I asked my son what he wanted most of all and then I made sure he received it. He already has it and I'm sure I'll find a way to surprise him with something else when Christmas rolls around. I bought BF some clothes at a thrift shop where my $26 bought him a huge bag full of clothes, tons of shirts and Tommy Hilfiger jeans he's already worn about ten times, so I gotta assume he loves em.

I'm sure I'll get Chloe a big white chewy bone. I'll buy some eggnog and stuff to make turkey dinner. And that's about it folks. I have some Christmas cards to mail and then I'm done. I have a tree and a few candles to light and I'm set. I'm just over the sensationalism created by retailism. Oh and I have a major bout of economical downfall. teehee...

The things I would want if it were not for my new adoption of a giftless Christmas would be as follows... (in no particular order)

1. Anything on my amazon wishlist

2. any shoes by Sketcher or Nine West

3. a new job

4. Peace

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