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Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2005
I donít think itís ok to cook dinner for a crowd and call it fine dining when you serve Swanson TV dinners.

I donít think itís ok to call yourself a responsible pet owner if you have no intention of providing your dog with food, shelter and the occasional unnecessary clothing. (Clothing can include a bandanna and/or a leash)

I donít think itís ok to cheat on your spouse.

I donít think cheating on a spouse that has left the state to carry on an affair is technically cheating since he/she has already left you.

I donít think itís ok to take a writing course and not tell your peers about their mistakes, especially when directed by the teacher to discuss writing and the importance of doing so correctly.

I donít think itís funny that such a large percentage of people canít write correctly nor can they come even close.

I donít think that when the time comes for me to enter a Math class that I want my peers to tell me that a problem I have completed is correct when itís very clear that its not.

I donít think the average students I have encountered in my classes are very bright.

I donít think it makes me a bitch to express my true opinions.

I donít think it matters what anyone Iíve never met thinks about my opinions.

I donít think it changes who I am if someone I have met doesnít agree with me.

I donít think itís evident to anyone else just how bad my classmates are at writing when you can only see .005% of what I have to read every day.

I donít think anyone without writing skills can or will make it very far through the program I am in since you have to write an average of two papers per week for two years straight.
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