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Wednesday, Jul. 03, 2002
I was chunky tonight and now I have no more questions. She was a girl who’s boyfriend left her cause she was too fat. I found out that he lies too. I no longer feel bad. He has his ex-girlfriends picture on his side table and thinks that 5’2 145 lbs is fat. He’s got as many issues as I have.

I wrote a poem. As myself. Not as her.

You said
Fuck me
I said when
You said
I said, “and then”?
You smiled wicked
So delightfully evil
When you said

Tim was unavailable for me to return his call in two hours like he asked. I’m done with it. I’m turning the page and moving on.

I’m so tired of everything. Just tired of it all. I want a do over. Remember when you could request a do over and get it?


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