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"do you want to talk about it babe?"

Saturday, Aug. 10, 2002

t: I have successfully thwarted another terrorist attack and saved the free world

t: :-)

me: that makes me wet

me: ;-)

t: I did it twice

t: ;-)

me: omg

t: then acted like it was nothing

me: double omg

t: then I donated internet to a local orphanage

t: <----gettin deep

me: ohhh baby don't stop

t: <----pulls on hip waders

me: mmmmmmmm

t: then...I...errrr

me: uh uh?

t: umm

me: what what?

t: yeah

t: oh you missed it?

t: ;-)

me: awwww man

t: hey it happend

me: teeheee

t: <----wipes the sweat off his brow

t: ;-)

me: oh man...

me: <----trys to sit still...

t: then I reloaded a NIC driver

me: ohhhhhh yeahhhh reload...

t: and...

t: replaced an UPs

me: mmmmmmmmmmmm

t: ;-)

me: did you ever go to sleep???

t: nope

me: oh geez

t: why it is only like 8pm

me: just seems odd cause I slept and stuff

me: and you're still up

t: hey baby...I told ya I could go all night

me: lol

me: i really gotta wonder what you talk about after ten hours of straight sex

t: what position is next

me: lol

t: what?

me: nothing

t: nothing?

me: yup nothing...

t: not nuttin?

me: yup

t: so what are you up to this fine saturday evening?

me: its not sat evening

me: it's 12:29 p.m.

t: exactly

me: i got up about 2 hours ago...

me: its afternoon not evening

t: hmpft

me: hmpft what?

t: me: i got up about 2 hours ago...

t: that

me: yes and?

t: with out me?

me: teeheee

t: how can you sleep that long?

me: i have a lot of trouble sleeping

me: for real I do

t: especially if I were there

me: i know its all stress..but I cant' just make it go away

t: do you want to talk about it babe?

me: about the stress?

t: yep

me: there's nothing to say

me: its just this way

me: its a hard situation to live in and so I can never turn my head off long enough to really be in that content place to be able to sleep right

t: awww...

me: from the point and time he split out with my kid... I didn't sleep for 21 days past an hour at a time during that period

t: I wish that you could just lay your head on my chest....

t: listen to my beating heart...

t: and it will just drown out your stress

me: yes..it would...

me: mostly now I curl up around my pillow...think about you... it has gotten better...

t: ;-)

me: i mean it

me: it has

t: I believe you babe..

me: even if you do go away

me: it will always be better from this point

t: I just wish I could be your pillow

me: awww... me too

t: ;-)

me: but ya know what

me: its enough right now that you just wish that

t: ;-)

do I want to talk about it? No one's ever just said something more beauitul to me....

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