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DQ #1 Week 3

Thursday, Jan. 27, 2005
Every week of my class has two Group Discussion question's that we as a group must participate in. We must comment to each other and play nice.

Assignment: Week 3 DQ 1

Describe the stress management techniques you use and explain why they work for you.

My Group Discussion Answer:

If I feel that things are getting to me, aggravating me or simply just putting me on edge, the edge of insanity that is, it is then that I simply STROP DROP AND ROLL. This technique is entirely like escaping a fire and its smoke and harm’s way, except I am escaping stress.

I stop worrying about things I can do nothing about. I drop things that can simply no longer fit into my list of priorities and then I roll with the punches. Sometimes you will get knocked down by life, but the great part is you can always get back up.

I have picked an activity that I absolutely love and combined it with studying. This way I do not feel as though I am being punished by my study time. This reduces the stress factor greatly. I love to sit in a café or bookstore and enjoy a cup of coffee. I can still treat myself with a latte and study and both sides of my brain are pleased. However, I only treat myself to a glance at a magazine or a book purchase if I have my work done for the week. Lately I do not have time to read books that are not course materials and so I opened a savings account to deposit money into that I would have spent on books throughout my college career. I plan to take a trip to London, England after I graduate. So once again I do not feel deprived of my former book buying/reading love since one day I’ll sit down at a lovely café and read my diploma…and a book. So I have found a way to fit in something I enjoy, give up something I enjoy, and not feel deprived. I am merely delaying one pleasure and retaining another.

Lastly, when I feel absolutely overcome with all the “to do’s” on my PDA, I ask for a hug, I take the dog for a walk (I receive instant gratification and appreciation on that one from my little min pin and feel refreshed from the fresh air.) or I take a bubble bath. But I do take my course materials with me on the latter. It’s not so bad if you buy some luxurious bubble bath and light some candles and call it a spa study date. :-) One night I read page by page and dropped them into the water until I had a big soggy mess. It was oddly gratifying but I wouldn’t suggest it. Plumbers are expensive and all those pages turn into a big gloppy mess.

One last thing I’ve let myself do. I have started to write notes in my coursework on bad days. Things like “ugh this stinks!” I vent along the sides. I’ve graded the day’s effort along the sides where I end too. Sometimes I give myself an A one time I wrote “Zzzzzzzz”. But I always write a positive note somewhere in the future pages that I’ll find later. I’m having this ongoing conversation with myself that’s rather odd, but it lightens the load. I hope no one finds this stuff after my eventual demise.

…Everything I posted is total bullshit. When I stress out here’s what I really do.

I bitch at my boyfriend.
I bitch some more.
I tell him everythinnnnnng is his fault.

Then I realize what I am doing and how it is wrong as in WRONG and I try to stop bitching.

Then I see his face and I shut up.

Then I blabber and cry and apologize.

Then he hugs me.

And then we go to bed.

Now that’s STRESS Management Reality 101 !!
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