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Sunday, Jan. 11, 2004
I got this email....(the job doesn't pay what I need or want to earn and it's just as far as the one I currently have and...so...I had some fun. Just watch, he'll call me.)

Hello, Thanks for replying to our administrative position advertisement on careerbuilder.com. We've reviewed your resume and initial qualifications and would like to talk further. Please take a moment to visit our two company websites so you can get a better feel for exactly what type of businesses you would be supporting as an administrative assistant and determine if you still feel like you would be interested in joining our team.

www.#####.com and www.########.com

After reviewing our websites, I'd like you to provide me with a short email paragragh about how you think your qualifications would be well suited to be the adminstrative assistant for our company. I realize many people sent out "generic" cover letters and that was fine for the first contact, but I'm interested to hear your thoughts after reviewing our websites and the specific reason you feel you would enjoy working for us.

After we review your thoughts on our businesses, we'll contact you further to set up an in person interview if we find your response closely matches what we are looking for. We've received over 90 applicants in the first two days of advertising this position and you're one of 15 we selected to continue talking to, so we see some potential together.


Tom F

Druid Road
Suite ####
Clearwater, FL 33756

Hello in return!

After receiving your email on Friday, I have reviewed at your request the two company websites you provided in your correspondence. After spending time clicking around, I realize that supporting two companies, one that is clearly in the business of IT and hightech solutions, a field I have had some experience in being from a background where I worked with Integrated Electronics on a daily basis and then another that appears to be helping those with medical needs and supporting their decisions for care, a field whereby you're helping people, I have come to realize that it would be a broad spectrum to work with on a daily basis. Therefore I would be learning something new about many fields rather than only one.

I have years of experience being in a supportive role. I'm the kind of person that does what needs to be done, what's expected of me, and then some. I never turn my nose up at any task when it's in the best interest of the company I work for. I am honest, hardworking and reliable. All the same qualities you look for in a pet, except I won't chew your shoes up, and I don't wear a boyscout uniform either.

I can type as fast as you can talk, I have had bosses stand behind me dictating a letter along with my moving fingers. I never scowl when asked to file, staple, corelate, and/or take out the trash. I do anything and everything, within reason now (lets not get carried away) that I am asked to do. If I don't understand a task, I don't wing it. I ask. When I have a problem I address it in a proper setting. I don't whine, complain, or spend all my time on personal calls. I arrive at work early, if I'm not at work then I just might be at the hospital or in a hearse somewhere. I learned a long time ago that effort is nothing without directive. I don't do things the way I think they should be done, I do them the way my boss says they should be done. I'm not a brown noser, but I'm not a slacker either. I'm very aticulate and creative and think life is a gift to be opened and enjoyed on a daily basis.

I'm fun to be around, and will never be the person others are dissapointed in. I have much respect for entrepreneurial individuals with bright ideas and little fear to chase success.

I am thrilled about the prospects for the first time in a long time. I have been looking for something that I could call a career, not just another job. I have waited for something I could get excited about and jump up out of bed and rush off to work to enjoy.

After much exploration, I cannot see anything to indicate that I haven't found what I have been looking for.

I'm out of bed now, dressed and I have nowhere to go, yet. When you have found what you are looking for you are anxious to begin. If you know a person is about to read 15 emails regarding the same job, I certainly would want to make you smile instead of yawn when I'm now wide awake and excited myself.

Dressed and Anxious,

Kristy ####
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