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Monday, Jul. 29, 2002
I used to work somewhere that I don’t work anymore. I worked there for about 6 weeks in between the last major company I worked for and this job I have now. I was there for about a week whenever I got a really messed up phone call from husband telling me he was goin back to NY and taking “Bucky” with him and was driving out there to my job with “Bucky” so that I could promptly say goodbye to my son because he was LEAVING.

I freaked out. Fell apart. Starting bawling at my desk. *enter Mike* Mike was in the cubicle next to me. He quickly walked me outside. Promptly asked me what was going on and then deftly calmed me down.

It never came to pass. After 3 or 4 insane phone calls husband decided he didn’t know what he wanted or was doing and that evening we all sat down and had dinner like it never happened.

But that story aside. Mike was quickly my work buddy at that job. I was only there 6 weeks as it was a 45 minute drive across the bay to get there every day. I was spending ten hour days at work. So I got a job on this side of the bay and left. I stayed in the same industry however. And in the last year or so since I left that job Mike has called and kept in touch.

We have kept in touch over the last year and then a few weeks ago I called him over there across the bay and they promptly told me he was no longer there. Then I called his cell phone and it was turned off!!! I was pretty perplexed but knew that if he stayed in the industry I would hear from him again. But you know I hate when people disappear!

Last Thursday I answered my phone here at work like always and it was MIKE!!!! He’s no longer working for that company across the bay. He got a job on this side of the bay in the same industry. He’s all of ten minutes away from where I work. So he asked me last week if I wanted to go out for a drink and talk and stuff. I said, “sure.” And then figured he’d forget all about it.

Guess what!?!?! Mike just called and he didn’t forget, and we’re going out for that drink tomorrow night! How kewl is that? Mikes just a kewl guy. Mike jump started my Prelude so many times when I worked out there and needed a new battery but couldn’t afford one that I started calling him Jumper Cable Jack. Teehee… One night after work, after popping my hood, waiting for my car to start. He wrote his cell phone number down and told me, “If you don’t make it the whole way across the bay, call me…I’ll be driving somewhere a few minutes behind you.” How sweet.

So drink with Mike. And nope…Mike’s just a friend.

And wahooo…lookie what I just got!!! This is a guy that never makes me wonder what he’s thinking, because he tells me! When it’s morning for him it’s evening over here in the U.S.

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I just had to let you know that I have been thinking about you.

I hope to catch you in the morning.

Bye for now

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