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Tuesday, Oct. 11, 2005
Another day and I did well with the diet. I also came home from work and did my exercise tape yet again. I have decided to walk into the door and put on the exercise gear (oddly including my Sketchers even though I am indoors) and do my exercise first thing. This way I can’t fall into the procrastination hole. I just know that I must do it and its best to do it and get a burst of energy for the rest of my evening. I walk into the door feeling tired and defeated by the work day and yet after a good work out I feel refreshed. Sure it sucks during the ordeal and yes it is an ordeal to me….I’ve never gotten into exercising..never. But at least I do realize that when I do it I feel better. And I end up asking myself why I didn’t start sooner.

There’s really nothing else major going on. The sun is still shining thru my living room window, Rick went to the store…he made steak’s on the grill tonight. Yah I can eat steak. And he bought me some spinach. He’s sweet…… count that as Reason #984,214,990,555 why I pick Rick.

p.s. the First Toast Champagne Flutes arrived today. They’re very pretty.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Now we just need some bubbly….and our first toast is all set.
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