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Tuesday, May. 14, 2002
Someone please remind me of all the heartache that this chat business caused me in the past….but in the meantime look how sweet he is….is it ever wrong to want to believe in everything good?

If he reads this and still wants to know me, all the good and bad that is within my pages....then...well...

Tim: you can never know how happy you can be unless you actually acheive it

PoeticaL: awww

PoeticaL: that is probably so true

Tim: it is

Tim: just think about it

Tim: how can you know what happy feels like unless you're happy

PoeticaL: I don't know

PoeticaL: I'm pretty sure that I"ve never truly known it

Tim: you could though...that's the whole catch

PoeticaL: just like that eh?

Tim: it would take working at it

Tim: maybe not

PoeticaL: I think you always have to want the same things as another person you choose to get involved with

Tim: i agree

PoeticaL: if one person has one goal and the other has a different goal....you'll never wind up anywhere good

Tim: here we go...communication

Tim: key to the world

PoeticaL: exactly

PoeticaL: I totally agree with you

Tim: well then

Tim: my boss communicated with me today

PoeticaL: about?

Tim: i am more than likely being transferred

PoeticaL: to?

PoeticaL: to where?

PoeticaL: holy cow

Tim: savannah, georgia

PoeticaL: closer

PoeticaL: yeeehawwwwwww

Tim: about 5 minutes from savannah beach

Tim: goes from 776 miles to 326 miles

Tim: 450 miles closer to you

PoeticaL: wow

Tim: all interstate

Tim: 95 south all the way to 4

Tim: instead of 14 hours...5

PoeticaL: wow

PoeticaL: and you have sat and figured this all out?

PoeticaL: wow

Tim: of course

Tim: problem?

PoeticaL: no

PoeticaL: I have this amazing feeling in the pit of my stomach

PoeticaL: this butterfly feeling

PoeticaL: something I haven't felt since I was 14

Tim: maybe it's indigestion

PoeticaL: hahaha

Tim: take some tums

Tim: god i am funny

PoeticaL: yeah you are

Tim: he's been talking about it for 3 months off and on...today i communicated and told hime to put up or shut up

PoeticaL: how come?

Tim: we're opening an office in savannah regardless...he wants someone he can trust there

Tim: i'd run the office in savannah..travel back and forth from savannah to alachua

PoeticaL: do you want to move?

Tim: i have no problem with moving and bettering myself

PoeticaL: well I understand the bettering yourself part...but do you like TN?

Tim: i really have a feeling of indifference towards hear

Tim: or here rather

PoeticaL: ok

Tim: just went back and checked on some of the apartmants there again

Tim: rent specials out the azzzzz

PoeticaL: that's good

PoeticaL: that always helps

Tim: rent.com kicks azzzzz

Tim: you are so good

PoeticaL: lol

PoeticaL: did I tell you to go to rent.com?

PoeticaL: yeah I did didn't I

PoeticaL: :-D

Tim: smartazz

PoeticaL: yup that would be me

Tim: if you were here i'd give you one of them duncan hines kisses

PoeticaL: but hey if it works for you why shouldn't I then gloat

PoeticaL: what's a duncan hines kiss?

Tim: wet and moist

PoeticaL: hahahahahaaha

PoeticaL: how cute

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