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Friday, Feb. 04, 2005

I’m now on the Fourth Week, Day 2 of my class.  I stressed.  I worried.  I internally whined. I didn’t know how I was going to ever get it together enough to learn so much in time to finish and complete assignments, papers, etc.  Then I procrastinated and watched tons of reality TV.  I had and do have time, and yet I wasted it.  And in the end, I am on track.  I have my presentation done.  Next I will write my paper on “Present Career, a Career Interest and the Value of a College Education.”  Gah!  The problem with these things is I cannot equivocally state, “I plan to be a doctor” or “I plan to own my own carwash business.”  I don’t know what I plan to do.  I want to make more money, but that’s just not what you write about for these sorts of papers.  If I could, I’d for sure get an A.


Today I found out that I will not be getting a weeks break between classes this time around.  Due to some mumbo jumbo changeover of some such system they use but just this once though.  However due to the inconvenience, the U. is going to pay for whatever books are needed for the next course to offset the hassle.  Nice for me since these books are probably the only few I’ll have to buy at all.  Perfect timing.  But, the books I need look to be sold out.  But I can’t complain.  I’m one lucky girl I tell ya.


Tonight I went to the bookstore.  I haven’t done much of anything all week except lie around and sleep and stay up far too late, as evidenced now by ny 2:30 a.m.  entry.  I’m too mentally abused right now to be depressed.  This college shit is a perfect solution to “too much time to think of suicidal tendencies” problem that I used to have.


The man, he’s asleep.  He’s worked more hours this week than he has in ages.  Figures eh?  It’s Murphy’s bullshit.


I feel like taking a hot bath at nearly 4 a.m.  I wonder if it would wake him up?  Hmm…it’s cold here for Florida.  It’ll probably feel good to soak in hot bubbly water now.





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