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Thursday, Aug. 07, 2003
In the last few days I’ve been hanging out at ebay. I got some deals. I had the eeyore watch already and wore it to the weekend job whereby I took it off so I could easily type and someone stole it. I don’t know who did, but it was one of 3 other girls that I’ve been now working with for about 2 months now. Sad…. Then I had bought it at Walmart on sale, I went back there to get another one and sadly they have pulled it from the shelves and retired it. Seiko only does limited runs of Disney items. Ugh…just my luck. But alas someone in California had the same watch. Yippeeee… I will also be able to switch purses around again, I lost all of mine in the heinous split. Did I ever mention how 11 of my left shoes disappeared before I went back into the house to pack my things? Um…yeah so I lost tons of shoes too. But someone tell me…do people really buy shoes on ebay that have already been worn. I mean the sellers always write “slightly used”. Ugh so is that slight FO’d up or what? (FO’d meaning foot odor’ed) *note to self..odored is not a word but it should be!*

Here’s everything I bought. :-)

note to you! (you know who you are...) I spent less than you would imagine for these items. Go me! Bargains rule. I just wondered...does ebay sell panties? Heaven help us if they are "slightly used". Ack!

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