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Friday, Jan. 06, 2006
Iíve talked about ebook readers before. Specifically Sonyís Librie. I brought this up and talked about it back here andhere

My friend Bryan and I have had a passion for this device since we first heard about it. We have spent countless hours discussing it, wishing for it and mostly wanting an e-book reading device to rival Appleís music loving Ipod. There are a lot of new articles out there and Iím even more excited. I canít wait until this is on the market and is utilizing functional software weíre all familiar with. The detail that canít be overlooked with this device and technology is the screen improvements over PDAís and traditional laptops. These Sony ebook reader screens are specially designed to allow a reader to view pages that are not stark white with eye crushing black contrast text but rather a more traditional paperback off gray background. The only time the device uses battery is when you turn the pageÖonce the text is displayed the battery is not being used. So battery life is long versus laptopís. The screen is also a tradeback paperback size versus the tiny puny PDA screens. I myself have never desired to read an ebook on a PDA. Why would I want to squint when I read??

Read about it here and on engadget and on engadget again here

This is what the Sony Librie used to look like when released to Japan utilizing stupid software and a 400 book rental library only.

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And now Sonyís e-reader with improvements in software and changes in design and usability.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Bryan told me about the upgrades today via text messaging and Iím still just as jazzed about this product coming to the US. The high priced Ipodís just donít do anything for me. I have a shuffle and I can listen to my music at work. 120 songs is enough to make me happy. I donít need to watch videoís and sitcoms on a tiny little eyecrossing screen. I donít want 5,000 plus songs in my presence at all times, who can possibly listen to all of that in one day? I can download enough onto my shuffle to keep me happily be-bopping at work, etc.

But a book reader equivalent to an IPODÖÖI can ruin a lot of panties just thinking about itÖ. Imagine....I could eventually ditch can all the bookshelves and carry a library in my purse...*gush*

This e reader is supposed to allow you to download PDF files into it as well as ebooks. It has a bookmarking feature and you can read this screen even under direct sunlight. Sweet!!! Bring it on Sony....don't give up!!!

I wrote Dan at Sony another email.....hope he still works there...
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