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Tuesday, Apr. 30, 2002
Today was the best. The absolute best. We played hookie together. He let me sleep in a bit and brought me breakfast in bed which included mmmmm hot coffee. And…then he went and ran a few errands and I jumped in the shower. Had a few aim chats and then we hit the car with the T-tops out and drove to the Dali Museum. I wore a new outfit (in a smaller size) and the sun was beaming and it was just so pretty out. The museum was a cool respite from the hot sun. It was relatively quiet and god how I wish I had taken a notebook to write in. I would have loved to sit down in a corner and write a poem. The moment was there. And then it passed. I loved Dali’s amazing ability to be creative in any artistic medium. Including his attire. He was quirky and just so unique. Especially in his time. Now to see surrealism in everyday life is not a surprise to us. I was in awe of some of his circular movements that created arms and legs in pencil type drawings. It was all just amazing to see. What made it all so much more..was my husband holding my hand and walking through the museum with me. We talked and laughed and there was a lot of “ohhh look at this….look at that…wow…” going on between us. I also bought this at the Dali museum. We also bought a 2001 calendar on clearance for $5.00 and then they gave it to us for 50 cents when the cash register didn’t cooperate. We’re going to frame the rather large calendar prints and put them in a row in “Bucky’s” room.

“Bucky” is a very artsy child. He draws and writes his own poetry and stories and we believe he has gotten my talent for words and his fathers talent for drawing. Ever since he was 2 and 3 years old all he has ever shown an interest in is paper, crayons, play-doh, paste..etc. And now that he can read and write better, he has moved into wanting blank notebooks and interesting pens and books. He’s the sum of the two of us in all ways. He’s sensitive like me, outgoing like his Daddy and just plain cute like the both of us. (puffing out chest here)

We then went to Cracker Barrel for lunch. We sat down and played a game of checkers until our table was ready. We didn’t get to finish but we had fun all the same. We both had homemade chicken and dumplings and baked apples and ice tea. Mmmmmmmmm…sooo good. I love homemade cooking like my Italian Grammy always made. There was another couple there celebrating their wedding anniversary too. 47 years!!!!! We both looked at each other and said, “wonder if they got past infidelity?” at the same time. I think he and I both feel we are wearing a badge of honor of sorts for having gone through everything we’ve both been through and still having come out the other side. We talked about how lucky we felt to have made it through and be there together.

I gotta mention that we got these huge huge old fashioned jaw breakers there and the lady took about forever to weigh out ¼ lb of them for 75 cents. I was ready to just give her 75 cents for two of em. But we sucked and sucked and still had our huge jawbreakers in our mouths turning all sorts of colors…even after we got to our next destination.

We drove across the bay to go do a little shopping at Hyde Park. I love to go here and here and of course here where I bought this!

We walked around at Hyde Park where incidentally they have this! I went in and just stood there and wondered...

Then we drove across the Howard Franklin in the late afternoon smiling at each other. We had a great day “together” and we’ve decided that we need to find a way to have these kinds of days more often.

As a added wedding anniversary gift, he’s told me that he’s going to draw me a surrealist picture. He’s asked me to give him a list of words or ideas and he’s going to go from there. Whatever he makes me I’m going to frame and keep. And….let me just add “awwwwwwww”. It’s those things…always has been.

As I type out this long entry, “Bucky” is sitting at the dining room table drawing “surreast”. His new word. I don’t want to change his artistic eye, but I think it’s good for him to get a wider view of art. When we were at the museum today there was a local contest going on there where local students artwork was featured. I think that my son can and does draw better than some of those kids listed in 8th grade! And he’s a third grader! I guess all the hundreds of dollars I have spent on crayola products might be paying off. Not to mention construction paper. The other day I got a book from amazon and they shipped the book taped to a rather nice piece of cardboard. In my house cardboard is revered for it’s artistic qualities. I immediately went around the corner and asked “Bucky” if he wanted the cardboard to make something with. He said a huge YES! He’s got two big interests in life. Art and Tae Kwon Doe. Oh and he does write… I’ll have to type in his novel he’s writing one day.

So now as the day comes to a close, I’m looking forward to a hot Jacuzzi bath and some fresh coffee and then I’m going to light all the new candles in the bedroom. (mmmmmm bananna) I think I’ll slide my hands up under his denim shirt and feel his hard muscled landscape under my fingertips. I’ll taste his flesh, fill my nose with his new cologne and stretch my limbs around and through his. I want to own that intricate puzzle that he and I complete together. Fingers entwined in fingers, minds enmeshed, souls dancing. I know he’ll knead my tiredness away. He’ll nibble my lips the way he always does when we begin to kiss. I know he’ll push my hair up to kiss the back of my neck. He knows I’ll sigh when he does. I’ll lick my way across his stomach with butterfly kisses. It’s a melody that we play with our instruments. It’s a song I’ve heard enough to know it by heart. And I now know that this lullabye of love is worth all the pain we’ve survived. I love him.

I just had the most amazing day finding love again. The following lyrics are our song. Tomorrow is 5-1 and it’s actually our anniversary. I’m going to wear my E.I.T.O.Y. bracelet he bought for me on a previous anniversary.


Every time I think of you - excerpt

People say a love like ours
Will surely pass
But I know a love like ours
Will last and last
And baby I was wrong
Not knowing how
our love should go
(How our love)
(How our love should go)
But then I wasn't wrong
In knowing how our love would grow
(How our love)
(How our love would grow)
And every time I think of you
Every time
Every time I think of you
Every single time
It always turns out good
Seasons come and seasons go
But our love will never die

-The Babys
9:19 p.m. ::
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