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Wednesday, Aug. 28, 2002

t: dont I email you when you put something interesting up
me: email?
me: what's that?
t: that is the stuff that goes over the computer
me: my inbox is filing rape charges against me
t: whys that?
me: repetitive entry
me: brutal force
t: ?
t: for what?
me: i click too much
me: and he's all like "alright already..there's nothing in here!!!"
t: lol
t: ok
me: i don't like him much but I touch him a lot
me: and he never has an orgasm
t: really
me: yes
t: lol

mental note: don’t tell t you have no email…

he just sent me enough pictures to wallpaper my whole house … ;-) OMG...and I can't go take a cold shower. Somehow he always figures out how to make me miss him a little more than I did before. Ok so don't try to email me til later...things are all tied up... oh man....whew

I feel like a little kid over here...

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