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Monday, Jan. 23, 2006
Team I am putting this out to everyone because the events of this past Friday are a little of a blur so I apologize if you receive this in error.

Thank you to all that came to the scene of my accident although I don't remember much your presence was a great lift to my spirits afterwards. When I came here in August (boss name) sat me down and said to me that he considered everyone here to be part of an extended family at first I was skeptical but by the accounts of my wife and (co-worker) most of you came out to see if I was ok. I am a man of few words but as I sit here recounting what I might have done wrong or differently, tears come to my eyes because of the support received by you all, so for this I thank you all sincerely and from the bottom of my heart. Also I am not a religious man but a guardian angel was on my shoulder Friday and for this I am thankful and I would like to say to all of you may God Bless you all. Finally thank you for all the phone calls.

I will see you all probably on Monday a little battered but still standing, once again thank you, thank you all. Your strength and kind words are much needed at this time.
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