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Empty Frame of Love - poem

Monday, Jan. 14, 2002
Empty Frame of Love

I want to wrap my sighs around
Your words
I want to look in your eyes
When you speak to me
I want to touch you
Hug you
When you need me

I want more
Than text can give
Love is a sour candy
When there’s a screen
Entrapping it where it lives

You are the best of
Everything I have ever
Been able to see
The way you communicate
Around my thoughts
Completely obliterates
The power I gave to mystery

Enraptured with the
Whisper of what I can
Almost scream
You are the motion
That blows throughout
The beauty of a child’s dream

Always left feeling
Like I was touched
To the very core
The magic of those moments
Becomes too distant
Making me break into you
Wanting more

If a picture is worth
A thousand words
Why can’t my words just
Bring you into the whole
Picture of
My worlds reality?

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