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erratic disclaimer

Wednesday, Feb. 18, 2004
something i read tonight, the honesty of it all, the reality of it all, be sure that you a. are not alone, i am too clear about what you said

erratic disclaimer

one less line than the last time
and my message is not lost
it's more of a motion towards finding myself
with or without you, maybe I'm still just
the sum of all the pain you've caused

the voice i'd like to erase is
beside myself, what made me
stand and walk through hell
I've decided that my true wealth
is not inside that shell of
what you were , that once upon
your former self

there was then
and before that was more
and even now I realize
in my eyes I have painted
you twice, this time
your color has bled away
my thoughts gone astray
you are nothing obtainable
just another ghost
like once upon the blind

you back from the farthest shores
right inside of something that
was lacking my needs
you know I could not ask
for more or less the sum
of how you added up before

listening to your words
you wave that flag, your fairy tale
and my princess past comes
flashing back, I'm gone
back on your twisted path
and shake my head back
with fierce and sad jet lag
you said that same line long ago
your story, it keeps repeating
you haven't changed, you pluck
my chain but you are still just so
able to button yank
push, you push it again

a phone call, that's all
you , another number
i can count up or detract, you distract
me with your memory
subtract me, you distract me
and then I remember
I erased your face
your imprint invisible
you are a part of me, a lost artistry
like my bad poetry
you go on and on and on and on and on and on and on
I have to remind
my mind that you are
only gone
When I turn my own back
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