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Thursday, Jan. 12, 2006
Tomorrow morning I have another interview. I did not get selected for the last one. They chose a friend of mine who already has her degree so it was a good choice and I had/have no harsh feelings whatsoever. So...at several peoples suggestions I submitted my resume for the job she will vacate....and....now I am interviewing for that position she left open in her move up the corporate ladder. Problem…

Tomorrow is Friday. Friday is our casual dress day. I have an interview. I think I’m going to go with non-casual attire. It will be a long day…..everyone wearing company polo’s and me in a my very business attire.

The strange thing is…this is the second time I will interview with the same supervisor. Thank gosh I read the book she recommended so if she asks I can comment intelligently. Whew….

She works in another location and I bet she’ll leave our location to return after the interview. Perhaps I’ll change into khaki’s and a polo after the interview??? Hmm…too much trouble to pack an outfit….

It is more money…it is longer hours….I can’t seem to ever catch a break. If I make more money I work weird hours. More money means more demanding….more responsibility. I’m not honestly sure what I truly want to see happen.

I can say however that three of my co-workers in the department the job is in went to the interviewer with props on my behalf and there's no better feeling than having your peers think highly of your work ethic and ability.
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