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Tuesday, Sept. 24, 2002
So…thing is, I wrote about it. I got it out. I’m over it. I have decided that while it’s good to be compassionate, it is also good to keep your nose out of stuff that doesn’t concern you. You simply say a prayer and move on from certain things. I wrote about it, I’m going to put it out of my mind now. I have enough on my own plate.

Last night, I came home and checked my email, ate a crappy mcdonalds cup of lettuce. And then I had a few words with a few chat friends, and then I took a hot bubble bath. Doing the illegal thing by turning on the Jacuzzi jets after dumping a buttload of bubble bath in there. (shhhh don’t tell the landlord…but hey this is the benefit of paying someone else to gain equity in their home!!!) I read “American Pyscho” for about an hour and I fell asleep hair still wet while laying on the marshmallow couch.

Husband is getting a loan through work to get some bills caught up. One of which is for the marshmallow couches. I keep avoiding their phone calls. Avoidance for “just a few more days” is the way my life always is.

His workplace wants to give him a promotion. They supposedly took him out to dinner last weekend to discuss things. (I have my wonderings about that dinner and what it “really” all was) But…they told him that due to his “unknown illness” they are just not sure they can give him such an important position. How bad does that suck? Regardless of what’s going on with he and I, that just is sad. I believe that he does know his job inside and out, he’s worked very hard to learn his job.

Last night he was walking normal. He said that his legs weren’t bothering him, but rather his stomach was cramping up. Say what???? What is going on?

Lately he’s been rather nice to me. What’s up with that? I always tend to think that there’s something going on that I don’t know about yet. How sad…

Right now my co-workers are watching bestiality video clips. Horse/human…. Have I ever mentioned that my co-workers are gross? Unger just called his dad to get his email address so he can forward the horse clip. Ack!

Ok so this was a bunch of nothing stuff. Oh by the way, someone told me this morning that working for an integrated electronics distributor sounded boring. C’mon …horse sex, 5 immature guys and the drama of Melrose Place is boring? Not hardly. But I do still miss Delboy daily….yeah I miss him a lot still.

Hang in there Mad boy!

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