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Monday, Jul. 18, 2005
Where have I been? What the hell am I doing? Why am I too busy…too crazed…too wired out of my brain to write?

Just a few things have been keeping me insanely busy and feeling quite the dumb ass. And worse yet…everyone I ask for help….doesn’t know!!!

Writing mathematical expressions

andSolving linear equations

So now that the man has strongly established that he wishes for a woman that

a. does the laundry always on time and without quipping
b. kisses his ever loving ass…and wipes it too (yes he said he wants a woman who will wipe his ass…he SAID THAT???? Yes he sure did!)
c. will make dinner every night

I counteracted this foolishness by telling him I want a man that can

FUCKING explain Algebra to me!!!

Sometimes we just don’t get everything in life that we want.

Sometimes we have to learn to be grateful for what we have.
IE: you have a woman willing to buy you dinner (when she can afford it)

IE: I have you….and you are enough the way you are! Ahhhhhhhhhh live with that quilt ….:-P

and for the faint of heart...

Writing a mathematical expression

Write an algebraic expression to answer the following question:

In y years there are how many months?

Because there are 12 months in 1 year, for example,
in 2 years there are 24 months 2.12=24; and,
in 3 years there are 3.12=36 months and 8 years there are 8.12=96 months.

From these examples, it is always true that
number of months = 12 (number of years).

Thus, in y years there must be 12ymonths.
Thus, the answer is: 12y .

yah ok...grrrrrr...here's some simple math...

I work 40 hours a week
I am in school 4 hours a week
I study at least 15 hours a week
(an hour nightly and weekends!)
I spend 8 hours a week driving back and forth to work
I sleep
I shower
I pet the dog
I worry about my g.p.a.
I must read at least some blogs
I still find time to love you!!!
c'mon...YOU DO THE MATH HONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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