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Wednesday, Jun. 26, 2002
Matt....Although I don’t know you, I woke up to renewed hope that there is good in this world. That there are people that just might get a notion about what I’m all about. So…..Thank you Matt! Thanks for spending an hour lost in my pages. Thanks for telling me you did. Thanks for giving my words the respect of your eyes and your time. It means something to me, because my words… they are me. And you are most welcome!!

From : "Matt" <(&@(*@@moonvalley.com>

To : poeticalgirl@hotmail.com

Subject : I read your poetry / new & old / deliberately Enjoyed

Date : Tue, 25 Jun 2002 15:27:12 -0700

Kristi, I got lost in your pages for an hour.

Wishes & Godspeed on young “Bucky”

Your poetry was piquant.

Who goes from Frost to Graham in a few clicks?


Thanks for having your stuff posted.

Keep on.

from Diary Land

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