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Tuesday, Aug. 02, 2005

Dear Mr. Math Teacher,

At this point within this course I am well aware that I am far more lost than I would ever want to be.  I have sought help several times from outside tutor's etc.  I am trying to learn a great deal of things in a very short period of time and at the fault of no one else, I have been unable to play catch up to even my own high standards despite my best efforts.

When I went to high school 17 years ago I took Accounting I, Accounting II, and Business Math to satisfy my needed credits.  My plan then was to become a secretary.  I accomplished that plan.  Plans have changed however.  Last week I sought the advice of an academic counselor and my plans are to attend another University for my Math credits.  Not because you are not an amazing teacher doing amazing things with the short and fast syllabus required at *****, because you are.  But rather because I need to start at a lower entry level and take a Pre-Algebra course and work longer and harder along with an additional tutor to be successful in Math. 

This saddens me, but honestly I look at some of the problems and have all the desire in the world to complete them, but am clueless as to where to start.  This has caused a few actual anxiety attacks and I would venture to say that I have not been able to offer my assistance to my team like I would most wish to and have done in other courses.

Some people's nemesis is writing papers; some people's nemesis is Math. I was lost the first night two hours into the course because it was already beyond what I have had experience with in the past.  I know that I can overcome these things provided that I spend the time necessary for me to learn.  I love (school’s name) and will not withdraw for anything in the world, one because that's flat out quitting in my mind and I am not quitting Math, and I am an employee and will never withdraw from a course.  I comprehend that this is the monkey on my back that I will have to fight to overcome.

I want to thank you for everything I have learned from you because I believe that while I am confused as all get out right now, some things will be more familiar the second and third time around (if necessary) because of this course with you.

I write this only because I am completely aware that my work has been weak weak weak.  Something that makes me ache inside, but something I have determined to be a course I am going to have to approach with more than five weeks to overcome.  I have already put off Math 203 with plans to attend Math courses for 16 weeks elsewhere along with a full time tutor and a month from now after allowing myself more time to work thru Aleks, etc.  I know that I will satisfy my Math requirements and move on to graduate one day, it just might be after a superhero style showdown with Algebra.

Thanks for your time!


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