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Monday, Apr. 08, 2002

I am living on my own in a nicely furnished apartment. Dating David, who is an attractive man who owns his own home, drives a sports car and likes to read like I do. David adores me and buys me enough tulips to cover my newly bought black Jeep. David works in the medical field and has a good job. David’s currently going back to school for his masters degree at FSU. He very kindly went and bought me a bracelet for Easter too. David takes me out to Ybor City and buys me dinner at only the finest of places. Money is not much of an object to David. His home is in Seminole, which is a very affluent neighborhood. So far the way things appear, we will begin planning our marriage as soon as my divorce is finalized in a few months. David and I are very happily dating and he loves my son so much he buys him toys to play with and keep at his house.


I met David once. I do not know what kind of vehicle David drives. I do not even know the technical name for what he does for a living, it was something to do with inspecting pacemakers inside of patients. He is going back to school for his masters, but I haven’t a clue where he’s going to school. David and I met at Borders one night for a few hours. After which, I never heard from him again and he deleted our double match on hotornot.com. Incidentally, I do not own a black Jeep. I’m still driving my Honda Prelude.

I told "him" some nice fiction. I really need to just write a damn book and get out all of the lies that come to the front of my tongue every time I speak to "him". Or….hey…I know…brilliant idea, STOP SPEAKING TO “HIM”!!!!!!!!!

Don’t give me a big speech and tell me I’m fucked up on this issue. I already know.


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