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Tuesday, Oct. 19, 2004
Several of the people that come into the University to interview and possibly attend have been from former employers of mine, in other words, former co-workers. I see them coming in and I recognize them and then we realize that we know each other and itís a howdy hello and then their off to start a new life due to the U. I always have to giggle to myself because they are about to take out huge financial aid loans and Iím going to go for free. Go me. Poor them. Either way it still amazes me that I have stayed in a city long enough to ever run into people that I know ďfrom the pastĒ. It just hasnít happened to me often in my adult life. I have moved too often. However I have been living here in this same city since April of 1998 I believe. But the city I live in has a huge huge population and since Iíve been working at the U I have run into at least half a dozen former co-workers coming to take classes. Weird. Now what would be nice is if I would stop running into my ex-husband at intersections etc. That sucks ass.
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