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Monday, Oct. 04, 2004
I just got a random phone call from a phone number I didn’t recognize. It was R’s sister R. She recently moved and hasn’t been online and she and her friend Peach wanted to know what R said to my proposal. I had told them I was planning on asking him on Friday night. When I told her she immediately started to congratulate me and was happy as a clam about it all. I was touched that she called to see what he said and that she was curious etc. She wanted to know “did he cry???” She definitely knows her brother and just how deep his ocean runs.

I have learned so much in the last 3 months, so much about myself and my own downfalls and the things I usually overlook I no longer overlook. I’m so glad that I’ve gotten to know her this way. It’s been such a nice thing. It was nice to hear from her and it was even nicer to really hear that she cared about what was happening. I think that R and I need to spend more time with R and her kids and that I need to make more of an effort to facilitate those family get together’s, etc. That phone call makes me want to make a big pot of Italian food and have a huge party.

I was also thinking this morning that I would very much love to get married on the beach at sunrise or somewhere near sunrise, in the morning. I would love to have a brunch style wedding with violins etc. I want something simple but romantic and pretty. I also found a place that will sell you butterflies to release at the ceremony. I have my ideas of course but I haven’t talked to R about any of them as of yet. I want C to come be my maid of honor….wearing whatever she wants to wear…standing next to me. That’d be cool for sure. I know for sure that I want my son in a tux and my new nephews all dressed up. But mostly I want R to be happy….that’s really all I want….when I see him happy…like he has been the past few days….it makes my whole body relax, my heart swell and my soul feel like a ocean at high tide….

I think I wanna write my own vows...


And...I'm sending an invitation to ext. 6212 for sure!!! :-)
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