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Friday, Apr. 23, 2004
Back on September 29, 2003 I bought a pair of shoes from ebay. Brown Kenneth Cole Mary Jane shoes. I don’t recall the exact price but I do know they were a steal.

I can also say they have already served me well and I still loved them all these months later.

At the time of purchase I got a receipt in the package where the seller informed me she was a writer and was releasing a book. I folded up that notice and shoved it into a basket on my nightstand for safe keeping figuring I might have to hunt up that title later. Imagine the marketing genius involved. Sell your old stuff on Ebay and market your novel. Two birds with one stone. Brilliant I thought….

The receipt read September 29,2003

Here are your Kenneth Cole Shoes
Ebay Item #2856598486

Thanks for your purchase!!!

Please recycle the packaging in which your recycled item came.

If you like to read, please check out my novel Carumba! Which will be published next spring by Knopf. (flyer attached)

Thanks for your prompt payment and enjoy.

At the time and even now I never heard of Knopf.

Like I said, I shoved this notice and the attached flyer into that basket.

Meanwhile back at the bookstore last night while cruising Barnes and Noble I checked out all the new books and there was one that caught my eye but it was released only in hardback and I’m not a hardback fan. I considered it however because it was put together with pictures and interesting rather than the typical hardback white pages. But I didn’t buy it. I’m hoping to switch over to e-book format’s soon.

Today I got a piece of interesting mail. The front of it looked like this.

I thought, “WOW…how did anyone know I looked at that title just last night???” I grabbed the postcard out of the mail and read the back of it. It was addressed to me personally.

It reads….


I hope you are still enjoying the Kenneth Cole Mary Janes you bought from me on eBay. My book will finally be in bookstores everywhere or on bn.com on April 20. Barnes and Noble chose the book as one of the summer selections for the Discover Great New Writers program, so it is discounted 30% in their stores and on their website. I hope you will check it out.

With Warm Regards,


Holy shit….I bought Mary Jane shoes from a Great New Writer selected writer. :-)

So….now I’m going to Barnes and Noble…yah all the sudden I have a craving for more coffee. Oh and I gotta buy this book because…shiz’it I own this famous girls shoes.

It’s this book…buy it!!! I said so!!! I wonder if my shoe money funded the novel venture???? Hmmm….

p.s. b.f.'s hand made it into my diary....check out those long fingers... ;-)

p.s.s. msg to the freak that felt bad for my black Anne shoes....you're weird man...weird.
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