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farewell on a sigh (poem)

Wednesday, Jun. 04, 2003
something I just ran across of mine on the net...no reason for it...I used to rhyme alot back then
Farewell on a Sigh

Tonight I was thinking
Of all the confusion
Listing it out
Neatly like vast illusion

Iím wondering if
Thereís much more
Iíve mastered misery
Forlorn, and Iíve lost score

Iím collecting things
Trying in vain to fill voids
Stacking them neatly and yet
Fulfillment somehow I avoid

Blank pages would be better
Perhaps just to think
Maybe I should write you a letter
No, instead Iíll eat cake over my sink

Iím aimlessly traveling circles
And surely going somewhere
Yet when I slow down my pace
I realize Iím still stuck right here

Iím restless and lost and wordless
In my quest to write like I should
Everything I want has a cost too high
But Iíll go broke just because you would

For so long Iíve played the same deck
Of cards I was given
Never knowing that I could escape
Solitary, a moment thatís never for living

Maybe thereís nothing and that would
Be just as well in my mind
I guess Iím just lost in my hell
And happiness is always a rewind

Back to the pacing
Writing led on crumbling wall
My anxiety is racing against
Loves every weakened enthrall

Making sense is for poets
Iím a crack on my high
Wiping ink off my hands
Metering out farewell on a sigh

July 23,2001
7:47 p.m. ::
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