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Monday, Sept. 15, 2003
Just a few things to update...

1. I took the collections job, it's going fairly well.

2. Bucky was with me over the weekend and I wrote an update about that but it's stuck on Rick's computer right now and I don't feel like writing it all out again, but we had fun.

3. I got my hair braided yesterday, I went to work today and said, "My name is Shaneekwa, but only for today."

4. Chloe is in heat, she's making a big mess of our sheets. yucko!!! washing washing....always washing...

5. Rick got a great haircut a few weeks ago and I've been heavily horny ever since.

6. Ex finally admitted that he is using Ms. Cleaver and now his using days have ended and he had to take out a loan to pay off his divorce agreement with me.

7. Turns out Ms. Cleaver and the former Mr. Cleaver had and still have $160,000 worth of debt and she can no longer fund his wants or needs. awww...karma's been visiting??

8. Bucky decided he doesn't like living with Daddy and he really doesn't like Ms. Cleaver and told me "I wanted to get physical with her!" I said "what do you mean by physical?" He said, "I wanted to hit her...HARD!"

9. He's ok though...I punched ex instead and all's well again.

10. Anger management classes don't work! :-(

11. My ass is going numb typing all of this....


This is definitely a shameless plug paid for by no one. I just received this book as a gift and rightfully so. I have only read 2 chapters and I was so enthralled with this writer that I am writing about him in the off chance that he’ll see this, or someone that knows him will see this and tell him he’s my new fictional writer hero. I’m 2 chapters in and I’m sold. Totally sold. This is the most interesting novel I’ve started to read in the last 2 years. The most excited I have been to read a new book since Living Dead Girl by Tod Goldberg. (well there was one other but I can’t mention it here..)

The cover art is great, and I would sit and blabber on about how well the first 2 chapters were written but damn it I gotta go read…..I’m outta here.

Go buy this book…and check out his website too. I’m being lazy and not linking but it’s located at www.andrewfoxbooks.com I’ll update about as I read this book….I promise.

I just had this chat with my friend Bryan in Texas.

Bwy269136: i boughts me a pullover today
Kwisty2k: yah for pullovers
Bwy269136: fleece
Kwisty2k: was it "i'm a boring man tan"?
Bwy269136: nope
Kwisty2k: or "I'm middle aged boring" gray?
Bwy269136: bright blue
Kwisty2k: ahhh the "I look like Grover" pullover
Kwisty2k: ha...damn it I just realized that rhymes
Bwy269136: who is grover?
Kwisty2k: OMG you're so damn old
Bwy269136: that's not an answer to my question
Kwisty2k: he's a character on sesame street
Bwy269136: oh ok, so what's that phrase supposed to imply?
Kwisty2k: grover is blue
Kwisty2k: doh
Bwy269136: ohhhhhhhh
Bwy269136: lemme see if i can find a pic of it to show you.....it's very nice i think
Bwy269136: hmmm, can't find any
Kwisty2k: bummer
Kwisty2k: i wanted to see your grover pullover
Kwisty2k: now I’m blue :-(

One last and truly perfect thing that happened today….Rick left me a message on my laptop on the screen for me using powerpoint…..he told me I was his “bestest’est” awwwwwwwww…. I can't wait until he gets home tonight....
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