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Wednesday, Jul. 28, 2004
I just wrote my ex an email. A few days ago I called him up asking him to fax my resume for me. He did it. I was wondering if he’d really do it and then I got a call from a company that received my resume via fax. So he really did do it….so I wrote to him cause he’s mucho capable of being mucho dickage...and he wasn't about this favor I asked.

B,(the ex-husband)

I have another Interview tomorrow at fax number 727-528-####. They got my resume via fax. Thanks again. I spent a stupid amount of time in the last year and a half hating you for stuff I shoulda just let go of because it's over. However, it's now gone. And I just spent a really stupid amount of time being afraid to let *R* get too close to me...stupid arm's length disease I have. Bernie told me that...I should have listened.

Thanks again...this job is a Sales Assistant job for **&@)!)#& World



Thanks for taking such great care of the only person in the world who still think's I'm cool. There's not a day that goes by that I'm not glad I picked out a good dad for him.

ya know...the thing is...(<---my two most said phrases in real life) I just want peace. I want all things in my life to be “right” and “good”. Oh man this is so sappy my teeth hurt. However…my ex went above and beyond the call of duty on some other stuff in the past week so….yah…I think it’s best for me to let go and be a big girl. And...someone else doesn't hate me like they probably should even though it's killing me that there's so much wrong that I'm accountable for...things could be so much worse. I have to learn to be grateful for all that I have...

The library still rules...

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