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the fear of sound and light - devian starr (my receipt and review)

Thursday, Dec. 16, 2004
I got this.. Image Hosted by ImageShack.us the other day….by the artist that can be found at


I just now have a chance to put it into my pc here at the U. and listen to it. So I’m going to write about it as I listen.

So far it’s very mellow and loose and laid back. Makes me wanna pass a j. and I don’t even smoke it. I’m a word whore and I gotta say it’s rather kewl to me that he has a song called “Prick” and that it’s a slow melodic song. I like the juxtaposition of it. I think the cover art on the CD is brilliant.

“you never call and when you do you’re being a prick, you never call and if you did you’d make me sick”

My feelings exactly when it comes to my mother and I love songs that make you think and ponder and wonder what the artist (and I use that word here with full intent) went thru to lead to the song existing. This would be a great song to include on a compilation for that prick that left your ass. But then again I’m glad he doesn’t call me unless it has to do with the child…oh but that’s a whole different song no ones written yet.

Another song, “Arms Length” has the absolute coolest lyrics and I’d post some of those but I do not have the artist’s permission and besides you should have your own copy. I love this song because I had a shrink tell me that I have ARMS LENGTH disease and that I keep everyone at arms length and boy this song could be my movies theme song.

I love the guitar on “Giselle”. “You can call me Giselle and waste what I say”

I love the idea of what we speak out loud becoming a living entity and that it can be wasted by another.

I think that Devian is brilliant and I think he’s only going to get better. I can hear all of his emotion but damn I’d love to hear him sing with all that anger in his voice. I know it’s there.

The voice I hear …its so hard to imagine that sexy voice coming from that sweet picture of Devian but…HELLO..it’s there right there coming forth from my speakers. (almost makes a straight girl like me wanna be a hot boy for a minute)

Next song is “God in my eyes” and I’m thinking “hell no I don’t want to hear a fish induced song” but then…..wow…

“the pain that you give me
will never end”

“you were mine
you were a god in my eyes”

I believe it’s the universal things that make the best songs. I’ve had those kinds of loves…where you idolized someone, they suck.

Last song… “Numb”

I want to be numb
So I won’t feel you
And I won’t see you

I want to be numb
So I can’t touch you
I can’t love you

Ok..so this song is making me cry…and the CD’s on the last song….brilliant ending…

I’m moved….and I better rush off before he kicks my ass for giving you any of the lyrics...oh but ya know Paul Westerberg never bitched at me. (damn but would I cream my pants if he did tho')

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