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Tuesday, Jun. 27, 2006
I have not been feeling well lately. Since I fell and hurt my leg and have been walking funny to compensate for knee problems, now my hips hurt. Or perhaps I really hurt my hips in the process. Thatís what Chrissy thinks I did. But Iím not a doctor and havenít been to one soÖ*sigh*

I had a decent time on vacation considering, but one incident left me feeling very unloved and questioning my choices in life.

Iím rather disappointed in some people in my life. And some things happened regarding my son that I donít want to disclose here because itís not worth the drama. However combine all of this and Iím exhausted, emotionally, mentally and physically.

Yesterday was my first day back to work since going on vacation. I was off from June 16th through June 23rd and came back on the 26th so that totals 10 days off and now Iím exhausted? This makes absolutely no sense unless I were to disclose everything.

Last night was a bad night sleep wise. Trust me when I turn my pillow itís not a personal affront but youíd be surprised in some sectors what that means. And so last night, loud noise machine and grumbling and I really and truly got little sleep but I suppose thatís ok because I came home from work and crashed on the couch like a zombie. My hip was hurting so bad it felt like I pinched a nerve or something.

In the last few weeks Iíve read a few books and Iíve put the reviews up on my book site. I also started a recipe site because I hate foraging through my piles of recipes to find the recipes I want to use, so why not save them online where I can easily locate and print? Yah so Iíll reveal that site soon here. Yah I can tell youíre on the edge of your seat now.

Yes Iím cranky, tired, achy and bitchy. Welcome to my Tuesday morning!

On the upside of thingsÖwhile I was out on vacation my work was performed by someone else. Sweet! Therefore Iím not behind. Iím right on target. Thatís a nice thing and did not happen the last two times I went on vacation so Iím grateful.

Iíve also found the joyís of icy/hot pads and though they make me feel like an old lady stinking like bengay thatís ok so longs as Iím comfortable.

My son is on vacation for the next 2 weeks or so. For the next ten days he's in PA with his father's parents. I miss him already.

I recently read, ďMaybe a MiracleĒ by Brian Strause and I have reviewed it on my book site. I loved it. This year it comes in 2nd only after Memoirs of a Geisha which I adored.

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