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Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2006
Today was an amazing day even though today was a typical day in so so many ways. I had to go to training today for work at another location so that broke my day all up and caused stressful last hours. I did however go out with my gf at work. The mother of the new baby I adore. We sat down and had lunch and she and I talked about where we’ve been, where we’re going, the importance of our son’s, etc. In the midst of the conversation she said something like this to me….

“you’ve come so far…just remember where you were when you first started here…you’re now in school and you’re successful with your education, you’ve made an impact on processes at work and the people involved as well, you’re a great Mom, that was evident at your wedding…and you’re now married…at your wedding you guys made me cry….its so obvious that he loves you….you’ve just come so far Kristy that I’m so proud of you.”

The type of words I craved for from my mother and for the first time ever I’m just so darned happy to have them from someone that I so respect in such big large doses. She’s one of those friends of mine that really has it together. She’s working on her doctorate and just had a brand new baby and has not fallen off track with her goals.

Then tonight I had book club and met up with some of my book’ies. I love my book’ies. The F lorida G irls G etting T heir R ead On is a cool place to be. We had some new arrivals tonight and some familiar faces and one of my fellow book readers sisters came (and she had not seen her sister in over a year and a half…) It was a nice evening of sharing thoughts, etc. We have now read

1. A million little pieces – James Frey
2. East of Eden – John Steinbeck

We are now reading two books, first we’re reading Possessed Mentalities by Maxene Kleier and we’re also reading Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden over the next month. This is fine by me because this challenges me to fit it all in. The more I’m challenged the less time I have to spend with my clinical depression thoughts. Busy equals no time to adequately be fucked in the head with sadness.

It was my idea to read the Possessed book…..and someone else’s idea to read the Geisha book. We shall see how it goes. I think we’re going to have a “theme” based gathering next go around. We’re also going to be discussing attending the local
festival of reading in October. Should be fun, even though it’s far far away yet.

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