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Monday, Nov. 22, 2004
Here is my peanut butter pie I wish I could share with my man….he looves him some peanut butter.
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This is my man on Saturday night having fun fishing off the St. Pete pier. I knowww you can’t see him. It’s partially intended, and partially my crap camera. (camera fund donations will be accepted) He looks headless, but I swear he isn't. If you could see his face you'd see him saying "you and that damn camera phone!" teehee...
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This is a picture of the locked up toilet paper at the pier. ‘cuz we all know howww expensive the toilet paper be.”
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And this is the pretty moon reflecting off the ocean I’m so lucky to live right by…it was a beautiful night.
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One last little note to my man…congrats on your new job!

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