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Wednesday, Jul. 12, 2006
I wanted to let you all know that your support and kind words of encouragement have meant a great deal to me. To say I sometimes hesitate to be open here anymore is an understatement. My son reads this from time to time as he likes to see how Iím doing with school, etc. But Iím positive he wants his Mom to be happy no matter what just as I wish nothing less for him.

But to decide to be open about it so that I can work my way through it with an outlet, and then have people rally behind me was a nice side effect. Thank you all!

Iíve set a doctorís appointment for July 20th whereby I can discuss the results of yesterdayís tests with my general doctor then and see where we go from there. The next 8 days are going to be rather long ones as Iím off of school this week. (I have a one week break between courses). Iím going to try to find something to keep myself busy.

Incidentally a few of my personal friends have asked so if you too are curious as to how my son would react to having a brother or a sister. I think he rather likes being an only child, but I also know that heís an amazing person and would make any child an amazing big brother.

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