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Wednesday, May. 18, 2005

Here was my day today


Get up

Go to work

Work work work

Go to lunch

Work work work

Go home

Wait…stuck on bridge

I wish I were at home already

Arrive home

Work work work

Yes you read that right, I took the frickin WORK home!

Watch American Idol while WORKING
Finish work that was brought home

Fold Rick’s laundry that he washed

Turn on laptop

Work on SCHOOL…yes I said it again WORK!!!

Frickin’ work of the school kind!!

Begin making dinner at ten p.m.

Continue working (yes I frickin’ said it again..WORKING!!) on school

Finish making dinner while alternately folding my own laundry

(again which Rick washed and dried and dumped in a still damper than I’d like pile on the couch!!)

Folding laundry is???? Yes…it’s frickin’ more WORK!!!

Then I cleaned up after my dinner.  More WORK!!!

I finished my Exercise for my college learning team.  This involved WORK!!! More FRICKIN WORK.

Then I read blogs….that was very close to being another form of WORK!!!

Finished homework due tomorrow..yes that was definite fricking WORK!!!!!!!!

Cleaned up desk.

Cleaned up dishes from dinner.


Wrote this fricken diary entry….yes more fricken WORK!!!


The only thing I can really say about all this WORKING!!!! is f that s…man…f that s!!


Good night…..yes going to bed feels like WORK too.


P.S.  I got your message Bucky…..I miss you!!! I will call Daddy tomorrow and find out what’s going on.  Mmm…k?  mmm k.  That’s work that’s frickin worth it!!! :-)

Also to all that took out time to wish me a Happy Birthday...thanks for doing the work involved in being kind. I appreciate it!!! :-)

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