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Thursday, Apr. 24, 2003
Right now I am frustrated because I don't think I'll ever figure it out and yet it's the only thing I have ever wanted. The few glimpses of time fragments that come and go where I think I have a clear vision of it have been with the man of now and then the past comes back and mixes with the today and I'm confused again. I did something wrong or at least something feels wrong and I don't like feeling like the instrument of someone elses cracked emotions. I'm confused and I'll sleep unpeacefully at this rate. It's like I'm on a treadmill running with all my might and sometimes despite the speed's I reach I can't get to you. This is all a mirrored image of mistakes I've already met and I hate it. I hate this feeling because it doesn't even have a name. I love you even if you push my touch away. I love you even if you don't tell me what's wrong or even what I did. I just hope I don't ever do it again because you are the last person I ever want to hurt. Maybe I just suck at love.
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