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fuck Math PART 2

Thursday, Jul. 21, 2005

It’s 1 a.m. and I’m seriously still awake obsessing about my inability to just “get it” when it comes to algebra.  I just look at the problems and there are so many different ones that I can’t grasp it.  It’s not as if we have a week to master one process.  We have a week to master 2 chapters at a time!  Insanity I tell you! 


That and the apartment is clean and I feel guilty that I had little to do with it.  I want to call a maid service and find out how much they cost.  I want to say “poof” and fix these seemingly unfixable problems.  ProntO!


Tomorrow I will slave away at work in a half awake half asleep state and wonder why I’m doing all that I am doing.  I could chuck it all, get a better paying job, say ta ta to the bad drama and move on.  Ohhh but that’s complete failure to chuck it all.  Much better to fail perhaps?


Gah both options suck. And that suckage is what is keeping me awake when I should just call it a day and sleep.


Everyone’s sick of hearing my Math woes and disappointments.  Thank freaking all that makes the world go around that I have a great g.p.a. so far because I’m about to go straight downwards into a spiral I can hopefully work my way out of.  Now to just find out if perhaps showing up for class will ensure that I get enough to pass the class.  If so…I’m all about the D and I’ll buy that damned d initial for my charm bracelet o’grades.  Yah I’m such a college greek that I am building such a bracelet.  I can see it now.  A, A, A, B, D, D  hmmm Kristy what are those D’s about?  Years from now they’ll dangle on my bracelet and they’ll perhaps represent all the #*(!&#^^!^! sleepless nights of insomnia and worry and absolute “lost” insanity I am feeling right now.


I never thought I’d be sleepless in st pete due to math.  I’m so used to being sleepless due to infidelity plaguing my marriage, even sleepless due to repossession, foreclosure…etc.


Oh hell this is really nothing to be sleepless about in the big scheme of things…


But….feeeee uck a truck….I wish I didn’t have this problem.  Can I buy a passing grade?  Uh….even I know the answer to that problem is negative.


At least you my one reader knows now that there is truth in grade advertising…eh?


Can’t you tell how very destroyed math has made me?  ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

short msg to my son who occasionally reads my rantings....I will for sure still love you in huge amounts even if you fail a Math course!! (even if you fail READING....but don't!!)

p.s. don't email me about my using the F word and my son possibly seeing it. I'm a horrible Mom who told him that I know that word exists instead of letting him believe that only that one kid on the playground uses it.

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