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Thursday, Oct. 12, 2006

Some days I’m completely bored with the Internet, computers, typing, reading, writing papers, my whole life.


Today was a rough day.  Rick wrecked his truck.  There were some bad extenuating circumstances and this sort of thing always stresses me out.  However, there are a few good things too.   He’s a’okay.  Thank Buddha!  The truck is still completely drivable and just has another ugly boo boo.   This doesn’t concern either of us since it’s a 1994 and quite not worth stressing about.  But still stressful nonetheless because of those things that fall under the “I will not blog about them” rules.


I have a great link as a gift.




Try it you will like it.


I have a big stack of new books and am currently reading “Something Happened” by Joseph Heller.  I should be reading Wuthering Heights but for some odd reason I can’t get into it.  I’m hoping to tackle it during my week break from classes.


Guess what class is next?  The last 3 credits of my required Math.  Shoot me now!  You may not hear from me much over that 5 week period of time….so fair warning.  I hate Math.   However, I believe I have found some suitable assistance in making it through.


You sowed enough Oats to put General Mills out of business” ß-just heard this on TV….mindless TV

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