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Thursday, Oct. 31, 2002
Last night I realized that more of my CDís somehow flew the coop. Tonight Iím packing them up and theyíll be taking a trip. Iíd rather someone else hung onto what I do have than wake up six months from now and no oneís holding onto anything and I have nothing left. Either that or I could go and sell them and keep the money for myself, afterall I bought every CD that dissapeared and I'm not even sure if I even have a clue how many I've lost this way in the last 11 years. Its fucking ridicules that I have to do this! And thereís really nothing else I can say except that I really missÖ


One last thing, when you do something wrong and are called on it, donít blame it on the neighborís child. Theft+Lying=Anger

If you sold my CDís you fucking suck and we both know it! Itís sad when I think of numbering my cdís and cataloging them for their own protection. Sometimes I just want to sell everything I own then you canít take anything else from me. Sometimes I want to take everything you own and burn it in a huge bonfire but Iím not as cruel as you. You can take my stuff, but you will never change who I am, what I am, and I am not ugly like you.

Some day Iíll have a library, someday my life will not include insane people knocking on the door wanting paid. Someday I wonít drive back and forth to work on fumes of gas because you stole my money. SomedayÖ. Someday karma will teach you every lesson you need to learn and god willing when that day comes, I will not even know or care.

Money for a prescription? Sorry Iím re-buying my cdís this week.

If you lie even 80% of the time you are a liar 100% of the time in my mind!

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