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fuck this marriage...

Monday, Jan. 28, 2002

I hate those mid afternoon phone calls from husband. I think we’re hitting the volcanic stages. I wonder if these things have a time line or if they’re just fucked up from beginning to end. I just kept saying the same thing…

“but why should I want to talk to you when all you do is feed me lies?”

to which he kept saying..

“I lie to you because you always put me on the defensive.”

My feeling is…no one is on the defensive unless they’ve done something wrong.

Case closed.

Marriage sucks!

I just want to go home…the only problem is nowhere feels like home anymore.

He just told me he didn't want "security and peace" in his life. I suppose he likes this unrest and insanity much better?

He said he was talking to her for that "something" that he doesn't have in this marriage. Join the crowd....
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