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Wednesday, Jun. 19, 2002
Ok remember this shit with Webster? Well…we took Webster to 3 vets at the time.

Vet # 1 relocated said leg. (he later messed it up cause they didn’t leave it splinted long enough)

Vet # 2 Tried to do something, did nothing. They did keep him overnight but they only gave him 2 pain pills and wouldn’t give the dog back to us without their full payment of $400+ And by law they shouldn’t have released him at all because he was in pain and that is animal cruelty. Husband wrote a check and took the dog to ...

Vet # 3 who then relocated his leg properly. Gave him a real cast, an IV and kept him two days. They also had 2 follow up visits with him.

Vet #1 cost us $425 out of pocket
Vet #2 got a rubber check for their $400+ amount
Vet # 3 was paid for by the ASPCA after we explained the entire situation.

Remember Vet #2 was the vet that told us “he needs major surgery that will cost upwards of $1200+ ; we suggest you put him to sleep!” They however did NOT follow the states animal cruelty laws and they did release the dog to us with no plans on our part to put the dog down. We also had no clue where to go from there…

Thanks to our $425, a bounced check and the ASPCA…Webster is alive and fine. His leg is also fine. He runs and jumps like a normal dog.

This morning husband got a phone call from a previous attorney telling him “You have to be in court today.” We knew nothing because we’ve moved and they were unable to contact him. (so says husband, something tells me he knew something but never told me. Believe me I get paid back for every lie I tell by being told ten by him.)

Apparently Vet #2 decided to go after him for the intentionally bounced check. Now he has two choices.

#1 Plea no contest. Accept a felony on his record. And pay the $400+ and then added court costs while being on probation for it until it’s paid. (probably take one month tops)

#2 Say “fuck you bad vets” and get an attorney and fight those rat bastards that called themselves vets. His attorney tells him he has a 80% chance of winning since they broke the law releasing a dog to us with a broken leg. By law they had to treat the dog, find the dog treatment, or put the dog down. What they did by releasing him was against the law. But this would take 8 more months of our time waiting for a court date and $1200 for an attorney. We had disputed the bill, disputed their services. They said, “pay or no dog”. They held our dog for ransom. Motherfuckers!!!

So there you have it. We saved Webster….. and Karma is paying us back like this! Reason we didn’t cover the check and call it all even??? Can’t pay bills when you have no dough! Simple…. We had just put out $400+ that we didn’t have. (from what I recall it was closer to $500 for Vet # 1. And Webster messed his leg up two weeks later and it was another $400. Sorry, but we’re not rich….

As of now, I have no clue what husband decided to do. And me, being the nice wife that I try to be said to him “whatever you decide, I’ll support”. After all it’s his record. Not mine. Why am I nice when he’s a rat bastard so much of the time?

*sigh* I know that I’ll go home and see Webster and feel that this is all worth it. I just know I will. I’ll have to post some pictures of him soon… It’s just…why? Why does this shit happen to me constantly. Things were just too damn quiet….

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