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Tuesday, Sept. 28, 2004

Today’s been a day of just flat out funnies….



so i'm at my second job and my first job boss calls me via my cellphone to ask me where a lien waiver for a $500,000 construction job is......i say "i dunno but try doing a fax machine report and reprint anything from that number today"  she says "ohhh my gosh..thank you what a great idea"

…….and she's not even a blonde

Then I take a random online survey…

Kwisty2k: do you have a minute to answer an opinion question?

x0rg: shoot
Kwisty2k: if a chick were to propose to you how would you want her to do so?
x0rg: oy vey
Kwisty2k: c'mon
x0rg: that's like
Kwisty2k: like what?
x0rg: if a chick were to shit on your rug, how should she squat
Kwisty2k: hahahahaha
Kwisty2k: damn that's the funniest thing I've heard all day

And then….discussing theU’s attendance

Kwisty2k: 4 out of 7 students attended the "Student Motivation" class
Kwisty2k: lol its the second session for that class..it's not working
EQThoarn: lol ya think?
Kwisty2k: i know

It is NOT however very funny that my phone hasn't rang yet....and NO I don't sit and chat all day...I just have it on and sometimes stuff happens....it's great whenever I can laugh about something instead of being neurotic and tired.
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