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Friday, Dec. 06, 2002
I have this ongoing funniness going on with Bry. He sends me the funniest shortest emails of anyone I know. It’s like after you talk to a person for so long there’s a banter that just happens, a language you create with only that person. He steals my phrasing and words all the time, and I always act completely offended and tell him to stop, but it’s all in fun and laughter. Funning with Bry is kewl.

Bry: Workie workie!

Me: Why are you awake at 8 a.m. when you're off?????

Bry: Just woke up early I guess.......*shrugs*

Me: This is a kwisty copyright infringement fine! You are hereby being fined $100 for use of words that are not trademarked to your character. Please pay promptly. There are imprisonment laws regarding this infraction.

Bry: I'll just take the jail time your Honor.............I'm too tight to cough up $100.00!

Me: They DO NOT have soap on a rope where I am sending YOU therefore you will change your tight ways!

Bry: No soap on a rope? Hmm, that's ok cuz I only take bubble baths!! ;-)

Me: The following words or phrases are off limits due the fact that they are mine or I have taken the efforts to steal them properly from others and therefore they are NOW mine!

Ugh ugh ugh
*spanks* (meaning thank you)

First infractions of the law will be excused and you will be informed that they have added the “off limits” list and you will be fined accordingly afterwards.

Furthermore, my prison system has no bathtubs, just a hose sticking out of the wall for you to stand under!!

Bry: UGH UGH UGH!!! No bathtub??? I'm tiwed already cuz I got up so early.....*shrugs*

I got a go'zillion things to do later so I may need a nap......I'll try and keep the wordage thing to a minumum..........spanks!!

He's a riot! I also need to add the following:

Fuckstick (this definition is top secret)
Buttsmack (not sexual, a term for a loser)

And…one of my current favorites…

“Banking” (as in saving cash, used in the following manner “I am hanging out because I’m banking.”)
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