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Thursday, Dec. 19, 2002
Yes people I am up and going to work..I swear I am the most reponsible person I know. Wait...I take that back. That wouldn't be me, that would be "him". But still I feel a little woozy and somewhat weak cause I haven't eaten anything but half a bowl of oatmeal in the last 36 hours. But I am going to work....*sigh*

Bry has been off of work for almost 6 weeks now because of accumulated vacation time. And today he...well...argh...some people.....get paid to...

Bry: last night you went *poof* so fast kwisty!
Me: i was really sick yesterday
Me: barfing sick
Bry: you sure didn't stay online long
Me: nope...i was sick
Bry: oh i see
Me: i got up in the morning for work......sat here like every morning
Bry: got the flu?
Me: drank some chai tea like every morning
Me: then stood up to walk away from the pc and immediately ran into the bathroom to throw up
Me: stomach flu or bug
Bry: oh ok
Me: i was puking up yellow raw egg looking stuff
Me: it was nasty bwy
Bry: gwooossssssssss
Me: it was very gwosssssssss
Bry: so you feeling all betters?
Me: a little
Me: i slept in bed all day yesterday
Bry: that's good
Me: only got up once to call husband and tell him to go pick up Bucky
Me: cause I did manage to take him to school after I puked
Me: i even attempted to go to work
Me: i got there
Me: and puked again
Me: and said "sowwy..me outta here"
Bry: oh i see
Me: <---tried to go to work when she was deathly ill.....what a responsible girlie girl
Bry: lol
Bry: well i have to go to work for a little while today....
Me: wow
Me: really?
Me: that suckie sucks eh?
Bry: i should be back home around oneish
Bry: not too bad
Bry: i can handle that.....lol
Me: must be nice
Me: *rolls eyes*
Me: that's not WORKING
Bry: lol
Bry: sure it is
Me: nope nope nope
Me: it is not
Bry: i get in a van.....
Bry: go 60 miles...
Bry: wait for a train....
Bry: push it up a hill....
Me: lol
Bry: get back in a van and go back home
Me: easy peasy
Bry: yep
Me: you suckie suck
Bry: wish all were that easy
Me: i hafta sort through a maze of components...
sorting them out and cleaning them and repackaging them...and they is dirty
Me: i swear that's why i keep getting so damned sick
Bry: but today we are just pushing one twain
Me: just one twain
Me: you double suckie suck
Bry: yep
Me: I wish.
Bry: i read on the way in the van....lol
Me: i wish i could go push one twain and go home
Me: UGH!!!!!!!!!!
Me: you get paid to read then?
Bry: yep
Me: that's it
Me: my job sucks
Me: grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Bry: actual work time is about an hour or so
Me: <-----secwetly hopes twain is very very heavy
Bry: rest of the time is in the van or waiting for the train
Bry: you do?
Me: yuppers
Bry: shame on you kwisty!
Me: *shrugs*
Me: you suckie suck
Bry: yep
Me: work til 1 p.m. and readin' ain't work!
Bry: well i gotta go.....laters on
Me: oh sure...you gotta go read
Me: hmmph
Bry: lol
Me: you suckie suck
Bry: yep
Me: wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Bry signed off at 7:46:08 AM.
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