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getting fit the BRAN way

Tuesday, Aug. 20, 2002
This is so dang cute. I told BraN I have decided to attack my goal to eventually jog 2 miles. This is his advice and its just killer. I love him so much.

To: 'Kristy'
Subject: GETTING FIT the BraN way

nope, I'm not..just that i think its cute.... ok here goes....BraN's secret to living it large!!! (or at least running exercise regime):

1 - dont eat a big breakfast beforehand... have about 2 glasses of water.... dont run on full stomach..you'll feelit..eat an energy bar about 30 mins before...that way you'll have a bit of energy in you for the run

2 - wear proper comfortable running shoes... tracksuit bottoms, light top.... wear a head band of you want to soak up the sweat so it doesnt sting your eyes (this is someone talking from experience whos run in the freezing cold winter days wearing a balaclava and beanie and sweatshirt.

3 - always warm up beforehand - 10 mins , stretch, move muscles otherwise you're gonna be sore!

4 - take it easy... jog slowly...no need to run and tire yourself out..just a slow slow slow jog..move your arms backwards and forewards...jog about as slowly as you would probabyl walk..little steps at a time... look at your feet if you want to or aim at a distant object... think "I AM A WINNER IF I REACH THAT BJECT WITHOUT STOPPING" ..think of the rewards and how good it willfeel to reach that object eg. tree in distant etc.

5 - sing a song to yourself as you jog...get into a rythmn... an army song? or something like " 1....2.....1.....2.....1.....2" after each few steps... even "YES ....... YES.......YES...." each time you take a successful step forward is good!

6 - remember that the first time is real hard, the second time you wont be bothered to go...but if you do it will be a killer.....the third time you'll really start to regret you started jogging.... the forth time gets easier, the fifth even easier.... finally aha...ROUTINE !!!!

7 - jog for aboout 3 mins on the first time... increase this to 5 the next time , then 10 the next time... work your way up.... do littlebits at a time.... this is NON-STOP btw !!! ... think of the benefits all the time... think of how amazing you'll feel afterwards..you'll feel hot and sweaty and tired..... but you'll be able to breathe so much easily...your lungs will love you !!! ... trust me, they love me after a hard run...

8 - try going round the block the first time... the next time, try the block and a half... the NEXT TIME try 2 blocks... on the third time try running to the shops non-stop a mile away.... eventually you'll be able to run around the whole neighborhood non-stop... in a years time you should be fit enough to run to Tampa and back !!!

9 - after a few weeks, pick up speed... jog most of the way ... the last 2 mins back home SPRINT as fast as you can!!! ...dont trip over !!!

10 - when you get back from your jog/run rest your hands on your knees, put your head down and letthe blood flow to your head.... dont jump straight into bed to sleep...dont fall on the floor .... now is the time to do a few weights.... light ones, but your metabolism is currently still working out after the run....this is the time when you DO start losing weight... keep active...dont let those muscles rest....COOL DOWN always after runs... or your muscles seize..theres lactic acid running through them and when you relax and rest that lactic acid just sits there..you don't want that..you want to get rid of it...

11 - drink 3 glasses of waterafter your run..youre dehydrated now and you need to hydrate... 8 glasses of water a day, 5 pieces of fruit minimum to get into great shape...

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