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Monday, Jun. 14, 2004
So boy I know got a girl I never knew before. The only thing I got to know about girl is that she has a kewl cat. Then seemingly ok girl said she loved the boy and asked the boy to move in and be her boy. After some deliberation, and against my better unspoken thoughts, boy moved in. Girl seemed to love boy. Then one night girl goes out with some OTHER boy and tells first boy, (“the boy I know” for those of you keeping track!) “I don’t love you.” So boy I know doesn’t have a girl. And girl you know, girl who writes in this diary now has another boy roommate. But it’s all good because girls like that don’t deserve this boy I know and my b.f. likes this boy because they are so alike they can’t be any more like one another even if they tried. So girl you know that writes this diary you might still be reading thinks maybe I’m destined to live with these two boys forever. But like I said, it’s all good. What girl wouldn’t want to live with two great guys who don’t mind one another nor care that they are both living with same girl? Not this girl.

One note to that girl I thought was nice, you’re a turdface ya know because that boy I know is a good one and those just don’t drop outta the sky everyday you dumb girl I’m glad I don’t know anymore.

Now if I could just get one of those boys to take out the trash and stuff….ya know?
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