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Thursday, May. 27, 2004
When girls are having girl moment’s boys should not ignore us, however when we are whining, bitching and moaning boys should sit quietly and listen. Perhaps rub the shoulders, say a lot of “gee honey I know’s” and that’s all. A “I’m sorry you’re having a bad day…that happened….you feel badly..” is ok too. Beyond that, keep quiet, rub shoulders and stand there like the nothing you are to us at that girly moment we are experiencing, besides you’re probably to blame for the entire matter, and even if you’re not why bother arguing with a girl during her moments? She’ll never agree with you because girly moments are for arguing and whining and all of the aforementioned goodies.

Furthermore, bathrooms are not always fun places to have sex. They are usually small and crowded and hot and smelly and I end up with an indentation of a q-tip on my hand or worse yet my butt, and the faucet, it’s not meant to jab me in those sorts of places. One time in the shower I forgot to rinse out the conditioner from my hair, what a mess in the morning.

If you pick out a cup from the kitchen cabinet and there’s still food in the bottom, wash it yourself and ignore it. Don’t leave your boxers on the bathroom floor and under no circumstances use my razor for your face. Oh and another thing, realize that girls are sometimes just girls because we’re made that way and we’re not out to get you, hurt you or blame you. We just have to do those things because we are sometimes just being girls and we have our moments.

At least they don't last for 18 hours and involve grunts and looks that could kill like man minutes.
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