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girl - poem

Tuesday, May. 25, 2004

iím just the girl that washes the dishes

half assed and half clean


somethingís always left still dirty

smudged out and written again

iím just the one that you look at

you donít see me

i lay naked before you

and you look beyond me,

sometimes just eye to eye then walk away

clothing like pages, never tripped or

engaged with

iím just the girl that calls in the lateÖ

too late in the

afternoon to bother you

in the morning iím just that ring

that aggravates for a while

iím just the girlÖyou donít miss me

you just bitch me and twist me

and put me away

iím just the girl you fix me and

break me, my silence

my ignorance of your talking

iím floating with nothing to say

staring at silence, weíve embraced

and left you, weíve both gone away

iím just the girl that cries when youíre mad

iím just the one that hasnít left

like you thought i would

too stay too loudly

youíre not too happy, too bad

iím just the one that you lie next to

and bitch aboutthe one that

steals all the blankets and kisses you

goodbye every morning, you just roll

over and snore, thatís what love

is this love all about?

what am i for? here and there i abhor

iím just the one that flips through

the box full of channels

iím too fast, past,

past the basketball noise

iím just a girl, and i donít light up like neon

i donít inhale along with the boys

iím just the girl affixed to

a lap topped with keys

opening up no door

iím just the intellectual book

you canít crack

youíve graduated

and graduates donít read anything

more not me iím not me anymoreÖ

iím just the girl that doesnít

wear aprons or walk along with the dog

iím just the oil you have to check

the flat tire to change

the picture cracked, beheaded chefís

and tiggerless heads are just neck

itís all normal, somehow itís lost

all itís former strange

iím just the girl

the one you caressed

my cheek remembers your name

every now and again

want to go lay down?

lay down againÖ


and letísÖyeah and again

iím just the girl

that you donít know

just the girl not

good enough

iím just the girl you

wonder about, talk about

walking doubt and shout

and go out with somebody

else, not myself

iím just the girl

not a toy

like a ball without a bat

iím little to joy

iím just the girl that talks in the dark

iím just the girl with one friend,

no end, and no beginning no conclusion

iím nothingÖyouíre always gone

gone away

the end


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