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Tuesday, Jul. 11, 2006
Ok. I wasnít going to write about this, but think that it might help someone else out there thatís never had this procedure done. Itís not that bad. Anything that personal in nature mentally can be trying, however the procedure is not nearly as nerve wracking as thinking about it was.

The sonogram wand (for lack of technical terminology) is quite long, however the amount that is inserted is that of a tampon in length and diameter. So this is really no big deal. You certainly know that someone is moving it around to get pictures of your ovaries, etc. but itís not painful.

I had a lower abdomen sonogram prior to the trans vaginal one and so the trans vag was very much the same except inside not on the surface of my body. There was very little difference in the comfort level.

However, for me I noticed that when he was looking for and finding my left ovary there was some discomfort on that side of my body. This of course will be the source of all inner turmoil for the next few days until I go get the results told to me by my general doctor.

I also went this morning and gave blood for a long long series of blood tests. For the lower abdomen sonogram I had to drink 42 ounces of water and not expel any prior to the scan. So I laid there wishing to urinate for 20 minutes while that test was happening. By the time I left that imaging center and went to give blood I had urinated 3 times but still felt grossly full.

I am now at work and I am ok. Iím just going to be tossing and turning waiting to see why it the left side was so tender.

The entire time I was lying there looking at the boring ceiling tiles I kept thinking ďthis is really not great fodder for blogging aboutÖ.even though someone is peering at my most private girly parts.Ē

The gentlemen that did both sonograms was quite nice. He made me feel at ease. He is on his second career. He was a business man and hated it. He went through a divorce, his parents both passed away and he took the funds from their estate and went to college and never looked back. It was an inspiring story.

However, I am now back at work and Iím now stressing about what the results might or might not show. I prefer to have answers than to have no more information.

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